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Web & Graphic Design Client Testimonials

We have completed flocks of successful projects. Our clients, past and present, continually praise us on the quality of our work and our customer service. Here's a few of their comments:

Thank  you for making me feel like we're your only client.  I hope your business just BOOMS in 2015 :)

— Linda Ross in Fredericksburg, VA

I recently contracted First Net Impressions to create a brand new real estate website for my company. After interviewing several companies for the job, I knew First Net would be a great fit for me. They sat down with me in person and listened to my needs. Beth created my vision of what I wanted my website to visually look like beautifully! And Josh did a great job on the programming side. They are a friendly and intelligent staff, economical to hire, and very efficient on delivering the final results. I would easily recommend this company for any web development needs that you have!

— Jill Rassbach, Rassbach Realty in Menomonie, Wisconsin

I want to thank you and your team at First Net Impressions for the excellent job you did developing our website.  The website has opened doors for us to customers we may not have been able to reach in the past.

— Dustin Kainz, Corporate Courier in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Pet Sitters Associates has been very happy with all services provided by First Net Impressions. Our new website was completed on time and looks better that we ever thought it would. The staff was friendly and professional. They responded quickly and made most changes within a day of our requests.  We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to create or revamp their website.

By the looks of it this April is over 80 members larger than last April, and I think we owe you and everyone at First Net a thank you for helping with this growth.

— Jake and Kelly VandenBush, Pet Sitter Associates in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Beth and Josh-- Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great website for us. It felt so good to just put out the announcement and be proud of our site. It's been a really long haul, I know. And I'm sure I'll still bug you a little bit while I figure out the updating. But thank you again! We really love it and appreciate all of your hard work.

— Katy Phillips, Wisconsin Farmers Union in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

First Net Impressions has been a blessing for us at Green Acres Family Campground in New Auburn WI.  As you know, there's quite a melting pot of web designers out there and it sure can be overwhelming. We decided to narrow our search and use a local company to design and publish our campground web page. Maria, Sara, and Josh have been magnificent and magestic in the planning and development of our website. We have been delighted by their creativity using our ideas, and their own, to come up with one of the best websites out there in the tourism industry! We have received great feedback from the public about our website and the ease of maneuvering through our pages. It is evident that this team takes great pride in their work for the world to see.

The customer service is outstanding and we have never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response when we have a question, wish to make a change, or need to make an addition to the website. We can testify truthfully that we have not had one website problem since signing on with this brilliant team. Using a local company has served us well as a brand new small business and absolutely give a 5 star recommendation to First Net Impressions! Take a look, we promise you'll be impressed.

— Kevin & Angie Pratt, Green Acres Family Campground in New Auburn, Wisconsin

Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf over the years.  We get great exposure with your help!

— Cindy Olszewski, Pioneer Refinishing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

A big thanks to you and everyone at First Net for the great job you did on the new Western Dairyland site.  Josh and Sara were both great to work with. I was very impressed with how quickly they returned all of my emails and incorporated changes into the site.  We've received a good number of compliments about the website already, and our Board of Directors was especially pleased. I actually heard "oooooooh" and "aaaaaaaah" when I showed it to them. 

— Dale Karls, Western Dairyland in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

On Tuesday, March 8, 2011, I rented a tie along space to a person I have been e-mailing for the past two weeks. The first contact was a request for information through our web site. This renter has a cabin he is selling and he wants to keep his 19 foot Rinker on the St. Croix this summer. The really interesting thing about this rental is the renter has never seen Sunnyside Marina in person, he has only seen it virtually through the web site. Our site continues to be the driving force behind our marketing plan. Thank you First Net Impressions.

— Rick Chapman, Sunnyside Marina in Stillwater, Minnesota

My experience with First Net Impressions was very, very good.

Maria and her team worked very hard on getting what we wanted and needed. She took the time to explain why you do certain things to take advantage of Google search engines, how best to pick your domain name and register it so you won't lose it.

Sara did the work of creating our logo, business cards, letterhead and bio's, as you can see by looking at our web site.  It looks great and goes together well. By adding pictures to the bio pages, it pulls it all together so customers know who they are talking to and helps them put a face to the name when we meet.

In creating the business cards and logo, Sara took the time to listen to our ideas. She created eight different looking business cards which allowed us to work together on what we liked, and what we needed to change. Once the logo was complete, she moved onto the website creation.  We have the room to expand it as our business expands by adding more navigation, such as our future newsletters to our customers. Did we get the most bang for our buck? I think we have.

CIS Complete Insurance Services has a great web site, logo and business cards to go with it.  Thank you First Net Impressions!

— Darrell Duval, Complete Insurance Services in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

First Net Impressions did an absolutely wonderful job creating our website. I was way past due for a new look and an efficient shopping cart for online ordering, and they made it happen! I would, and have, recommended FNI to my friends and colleagues. Everything was done on time, and all of my many questions were promptly answered. FNI is a great company on all levels.

— Susan Ferro, Prophy Perfect in Osseo, Wisconsin

RCU began working with First Net Impressions with the re-design of our website. They did a great job at capturing the essence of RCU and the fact that we are not just about financial services, but about people needing our products and services. Our relationship grew from web to print when we awarded them the bid on our brochure redesign – which not only hit the mark of being sophisticated, but classy! First Net developed our brand identity and applied it to our website, brochures,  flyers, stationery, and many other printed materials. We have been extremely pleased with their creativity, attention to detail, and level of professionalism.

— Vicki Hoehn, RCU in several cities throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota

We rely on First Net Impression to help us manage both our email and website. They have proven to be an effective and important partner in working with us to ensure things run smoothly. We appreciate the quick response time and the “can do” attitude that they consistently deliver.

— Joel Higgins, Higgins Travel in Eau Claire and Black River Falls, Wisconsin

First Net Impressions has been instrumental in the creation of an effective, clever, and attractive brand identity for Denovo Medspa. For the past few years, we have worked with First Net and have been consistently impressed with their ability to generate fresh, beautiful, and pleasing print advertisements. They are serious about quality and it shows! Their website design is exceptional and the seemingly small details they pick up on and perfect have made the difference between a merely good website and one that is fantastic. We are pleased with the results of working with First Net and would recommend them to anyone interested in top quality print and website design.

— Heidi Jarecki, Denovo Medspa in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I wanted to forward this feedback form to you, as it surely is a tribute to your company. Thanks for making good looking websites!

"Just kinda stumbled onto your site, but wanted to let you know that you have the absolute best gallery that I've ever seen. You guys should be very proud!"

— Andy Lund, Signature Cycles in Eleva, Wisconsin

Coordinating our website projects with the First Net really has been a great experience. As a marketer, not an information systems specialist, conveying the messages and tactics I need for results can be challenging. However, the First Net staff has always been professional and easy to work with. We redesigned our entire website and have had many compliments on the new look. Our web statistics to show its been a successful endeavor. Issues or concerns are responded to in a prompt, courteous, and accurate manner. First Net colleagues are truly helpful in explaining best practices and methods for the results I’m trying to achieve.

— Michele Paquette, St. Joseph Hospital in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

I spoke to a gentleman on the phone who was planning a boat trip from Lake Michigan to the St. Croix River called the big loop. Since this person was planning the trip, he had to visit many marina websites. He called me to tell me our site is the best marina website he had ever seen or used. He thinks we should win an award! This person also happens to be a web designer. How cool is First Net Impressions? You guys are the best!

Based on the overwhelming positive response to our new Boat Show booth, I am now receiving requests for aerial photos that our boaters can purchase. Can you help me with which pictures are worthy and then send me the ones you think I could print, frame and sell? First Net has done it again. The booth is awesome. I love you guys!!!

— Rick Chapman, Sunnyside Marina in Stillwater, Minnesota

First Net Impressions did a complete branding job for us. They created our logo, advertising print pieces, and our website. I have gotten many compliments on how wonderful our website looks, how easy it is to navigate, and how it reflects the atmosphere of the retreat. I gave First Net some ideas of what I wanted in a the logo and website, and they created an excellent image to use throughout all of our advertising. Any time I've needed a change or an addition, it was accomplished with one quick call or e-mail. I recommend First Net to anyone that mentions they are looking for logo or website.

— Patti Green, Green Haven Retreat in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I am very thankful to be working with the professionals of First Net Impressions. The entire staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable no matter what knowledge level you have when it comes to website development and marketing your business. They take their time working with you and share their ideas on how to improve your website and marketability. I have arrived several times unannounced, been welcomed, and helped immediately with all my questions. Response time via e-mail is almost immediate, no matter what time of day for Maria.

I have watched this company grow from the basement of their home to the professional office they now work out of. Maria and Kyle have stayed grounded and continue to provide excellent customer service at a great value. I highly recommend working with First Net, and I know my company has benefitted greatly from their experience and expertise.

— Nick Cernohous, Cernohous Realty, LLC in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I would recommend FNI as the best. Knowledgeable. Prompt. Efficient.

— Dave Suchla, Eau Claire Real Estate in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I have to tell you that I have been receiving so much activity from our website. I've been booking parties, catering inquiries, reservations for dinner, you name it. Two weekends ago, a gentleman reserved a special table to meet an old friend he hadn't seen in over 20 years. She was coming in from Madison and he was coming in from Green Bay. He told me that they chose our restaurant to meet because of our website.

— Joanne Palzkill, Draganettis Ristorante and Taverna Grill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
& Advanced Website Statistics

Before we started our Pay-Per-Click campaign with First Net Impressions, we only had a 7.5% occupancy rate. We tried, advertising through radio, billboards, newspaper, direct mail, publications, etc. Therefore, I knew it was time for some other venue to advertise in which I could receive almost immediate results.

I contacted First Net and inquired about Pay Per Click Advertising on Yahoo and Google. They took the time to thoroughly explain how the process works and answer my numerous questions. They researched and recommend keyword sequences that would be most beneficial for our specific purpose (Kentucky Derby Hotels). Within two hours we were listed in the top spots on Google and Yahoo.

Within six weeks, we went from 7.5% to 100% occupancy. Over 45% of guests who made reservations found our resort via an unspecified Internet search generalized category, 18% found us through Google, and 6% found us through Yahoo. We received an analytics report via e-mail every day for the previous day, allowing us to adjust our budget accordingly. First Net would even e-mail me to let me know that we had met our budget for the day already and ask if we wanted him to increase the budget.

After we had received 100% occupancy, we had a unique experience in which another cottage became available to rent. Therefore, I had one more cottage to rent for the Derby. I increased the rate and the minimum night stay requirement to three days.

Within 20 minutes of e-mailing First Net to activate my Pay-Per-Click listing, our last cottage was reserved. Additionally, since we are using First Net's monthly reporting service, we have discovered that most of our reservation inquiry calls are received on Monday and Tuesdays, with our highest reservation day being Wednesdays. As a Marketing Director of a multi-faceted resort, this tool has become invaluable to me.

One of our guest actually purchased two cottages from their Derby stay, so we have experienced residual benefits as well. We have changed our campaign to include a variety of keywords and achieved similar success, as over 40% of hotel reservations are made online in the hospitality industry, I would recommend this service to anyone as it can easily be adapted to almost any specific industry!

— Willow Sullivan, Edgewater Resort in Taylorsville Lake, Kentucky