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Referral Program Information

Most of our work comes from client referrals, and we are grateful. That's why we offer a 5% cash incentive when you refer us to others. We ask all our potential clients how they've heard about us, so don't be afraid to let the cat out of the bag!  Once they become a First Net client, we'll reward you with cash in your pocket, not just discounts on future services.

Website Statistics

Don't play possum when it comes to knowing how your website is used by your visitors. If you watch your statistics like a hawk, you can dramatically improve your sales. We provide bare bones statistics when we set-up your website. For more in-depth website statistics, we recommend having us implement Google Analytics.

Basic Website Statistics
You can view your website stats here:
Just click the month for more information. You'll want to pay particular attention to the number of website visits. A visit only registers a person once in a four hour time span no matter how many pages they click-on or if they leave and come back. Visits are a pretty good representation of the actual number of people looking at your website. Other sections of interest include:

Top URLs— your most popular pages

Exit Pages— last page people look at before they decide to go somewhere else

Total Referrers— where your hits are coming from
This tells you if people are finding you in search engines. You should see Google, Yahoo,
and MSN at the top of the list. It also can tell you if advertising campaigns are paying off.

Search Strings— keywords people used in a search to find you, then clicked your listing

Google Website Analytics
Analyze your traffic so you can better understand your customers and how they use your website. You'll be more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher converting websites. You will have full control over the information flowing from your site. You can see exactly when and where users are accessing your site, see how things have changed over time, and what content your viewers are looking at.

You will be able to:

identify if a product is getting lots of views but not a lot of sales, so you can adjust your price

pinpoint pages that are not performing well by tracking views and time spent on each page

find out whether your site usage metrics under perform or outperform those of your industry

schedule email reports that contain exactly the information you want to share

Google Analytics offers a high level dashboard-type data view for the casual user and extremely detailed information for those who wish to dig into the data. Take a tour.»

SquirrelMail - Web-Based Email

Check your email anywhere you have Internet access with SquirrelMail. It works a lot like Gmail or YahooMail. Your email will stay on the server until you check it at your office computer. Once you check your email in Outlook Express, for example, it's removed from the server.
Replace "xxx" in the address above with your account prefix, like "fni" for First Net Impressions. The first time you use SquirrelMail, you will need to enter your personal information so people can reply to your emails. You can also add your signature, etc. To do this, click Options > Personal Information. If you need assistance, the help menu is very user-friendly or you can just give us a call at 715-832-7713.

Mozilla Thunderbird - Computer Email Software

If you do not already have an email program you'd like to use, we would highly recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. It is an open-source email program that has many features, and runs a bit more smoothly that other email programs on the market (in our opinion).
Learn more and download Mozilla Thunderbird here. »

Out-of-Office Email

Set an out-of-office reply or forwarder for your email:




Paying Your Bill Online

Stop monkeying around with checks and stamps. Online bill payments provide an easy alternative to check writing, help the environment, and create an electronic record of your transactions automatically. Save the cost of a stamp and avoid late fees by taking a few minutes to pay your bill online!

Make a Payment

Email Newsletters

Notify your customers of the latest sales, products, or news. They're easy to use, look like your website, editable by you, and they get results!
View our latest email newsletter.»
View the email newsletter guide.»

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