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Printed materials represent your company when you are not there. They're essential to marketing your business. Here are just a few of our recent printed projects:

Graphic Design of Printed Materials

It may be the electronic age, but the tangible essence of brochures and other printed materials still make a critical impact. Customers turn to your website as their primary resource, but the printed materials you use in meetings, send as direct mail, or hand-out at trade shows are often the lead-in. They communicate key messages and encourage people to make a bee-line to learn more.

  • What are your current printed materials saying right now?

  • Are they conveying your brand image?

  • Are they sending a clear message? Will a potential client relate to it?

  • Are they prompting a call to action; motivating a person to inquire for more information?

If your printed materials are ineffective, you no longer have to grin and bear it. Every printed piece we create for you will instantly be recognizable as your brand and deliver a compelling message. We know the success of your business (and ultimately the success of ours) rests on it.
Learn how to create a cohesive brand identity for your business.»

Leave Behinds: Brochures, Folders...

Printed materials no longer rule the roost as the primary method for learning about a company's services. They serve a different purpose in today's marketplace: They are the lead-in. A good brochure or presentation folder communicates key points and drives prospects to your website or the phone to learn more. It's all about building an interest and evoking curiosity.

Direct Mailer and Ad Design

Drum-up some more business with ongoing marketing that notifies your customers of special offers or new services. In a slower economy, it is essential to out-fox and out-market your competition and make the customer's choice of vendors an easy one.

Trade Show Booth Design

Your trade show booth design must drive home a compelling benefit. It's not about telling a prospect what you do and who you are, it's about promoting what you can do FOR them, the benefits you offer them. Our trade show booth designs pique interest and lead to a specific course of action. Ultimately you want a sale, but in reality you want them to be an eager beaver and take the next step in doing business with you.

Stationery Design

Stationery is more than just your letterhead. Your logo, slogan, typefaces, colors, and style should be consistent on everything your customers see including:

  • Business Cards

  • Envelopes

  • Fax Cover Sheets

  • PowerPoints

  • Email Signatures

  • Invoices

  • Applications

  • White Papers

  • Letterhead

  • Mailing Labels

  • Press Releases

  • MS Word Templates

  • Contracts

  • Estimates

  • Forms

  • Product Spec Sheets

Sales-Driven Copywriting

To reel in the big fish, you must give them a reason to listen to your message. As simple as this sounds, most companies are guilty of simply crowing their name and listing their services... yawn. An effective message will sing how the client will benefit from your services. We help you develop a message that commands attention and promotes benefits in a style that significantly increases leads.